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IT Consulting

A cybersecurity services company on a mission to keep the digital society running. We help organizations embrace digitalization securely.


Reduce All Kinds of Fraud Risks
reduce corporate fraud with our corporate solutions and services

IRS Scams

The scammers pose as an IRS employee telling you that if you do not immediately pay the taxes you owe you will be arrested.

Phishing scams

Scammers use email or text messages to trick you into giving them your personal information.

Cybersecurity outsourcing

World-class Cybersecurity and Digital Identity teams at your service. Our certified experts are capable of running your whole cybersecurity environment from people to processes and technology – or a part of it.


Cyber defense

We protect your core processes and people 24/7. We monitor, contain and remediate security threats within your business processes and provide you with ability to detect early and react quickly.


Compliance and certification

We help to prove the credibility of your digital business. We provide a wide variety of information security and privacy services.


Security Engineering

Enhance the security of your products and your software development process.


Brand Protection

We protect your brand, against computer threats on the internet and darkweb


Source Code

We analyze source code in search of errors, or bad coding practices


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Novigo Group

NVG-Tech is part of the Novigo Group, a dynamic conglomerate dedicated to innovation and excellence. As a member of this prestigious group, we share a common vision of pushing the boundaries and delivering cutting-edge solutions in a constantly evolving technology landscape. NVG-Tech is dedicated to providing specialized services focused on information security and cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity outsourcing

Cyber defense

Compliance and certification

Security Engineering

Brand Protection

Source Code


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